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Convert DEB to RPM or RPM to DEB

July 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Now a days, there is more than one family linux is popular. Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and LinuxMint are Debian family linux, while CentOS, Fedora, Mandriva, Mageai and ROSA are RedHat family linux. and both have its own software distribution architecture, Debian family uses .deb file while RedHat family users .rpm file. but sometimes user need to convert DEB to RPM or RPM to DEB. what would be the solution ?

here is the solution for that problem.

1. Convert RPM to DEB

      Install alien command on Debian / Ubuntu

Install alien command on Ubuntu as shown below.

# sudo apt-get install alien

 Use alien command to convert rpm to deb file

The following example converts the linuxconf-devel rpm file to linuxconf-devel deb file. Once you generate the deb file, you can install it on Ubuntu or Debian.

# alien linuxconf-devel-1.16r10-2.i386.rpm
linuxconf-devel_1.16r10-3_i386.deb generated

2. Convert DEB to RPM

      Use alien to convert deb to rpm file

Use alient -r option to convert a deb file to rpm file. The following example converts libsox deb file to libsox rpm file. Once you generate the rpm file, you can install it on Red Hat, or CentOS.

# sudo alien -r libsox1_14.2.0-1_i386.deb
libsox1-14.2.0-2.i386.rpm generated

6 wonders of CentOS 6.0

July 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Do you know what CentOS is?
No, this is a not a OS which costs you only one cent to buy. Although, I bought a DVD with Linux OS for 0.01 GBP once, it was not CentOS. CentOS is actually free Operating System based on RedHat Enterprise Linux. In other words, group of enthusiasts took out source code of RHEL, which they have to publish as part of Linux license, re-branded it as CentOS and published for open and free usage. I have already written couple of reviews of CentOS. They were versions 5.5 and 5.6. As you can remember, I was not much happy with either of those versions.

It took quite a lot of time for CentOS team to move from version 5.5. to 5.6. RHEL managed to churn out version 6.1 by the time of CentOS 5.6 release. But guys from CentOS team decided to roll up the sleeves and catch as fast as they can. So, just 3 months after version 5.6, new version CentOS 6.0 was released.

Live CD image was not in initial release, but appeared few days later. As you can understand, Live CD weights just under 700 Mb. Unfortunately, there is no information on official web site how to create Live USB from CD image. Wikipedia says that Unetbootin can create one, but it did not work for me. Finally, dd command was my choice. USB stick is prepared and plugged into the port. Reboot and choose to boot from USB. Let’s go!

Boot screen of CentOS 6.0 lists several options, including live boot (normal, basic video) and installation (normal, text mode). My choice was obvious: Live run. CentOS 6.0 boots quite quickly from USB stick. I got used that CD-RW with CentOS takes significant time to boot, so was pleased that time…

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