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What is Dojo Toolkit ?

August 17, 2011 4 comments

Dojo is the opensource javascript toolkit, and used to construct dynamic web user interfaces. dojo offers widgets, utilities, higher IO (AJAX) abstaction. Dojo is released under BSD or AFL license. Dojo is free and can be used to develop free or commercial application.

Dojo is JavaScript framework released as open source software. This JavaScript toolkit provides many components to develop rich internet applications. Dojo bases on the HTML and Javascript. so developer has not to use any strange programming language. dojo ups abstraction layer in higher level. and developer has not to reinvent wheel when starting programming project. Dojo aims to solve some long-standing historical problems with DHTML which prevented mass adoption of dynamic web application development.  Dojo is selected by Struts 2 for providing ajax support in applications. Dojo is one of the most powerful language for constructing rich internet applications. Dojo is another great framework for developing ajax based applications. You can use Dojo toolkit to develop dynamic web applications. Dojo toolkit will put life in your web application and turn it into highly interactive application. You can turn your web application into desktop.

Dojo Development was started by Alex Russell and Dylan Schiemann in 2004. The First Dojo code was written in sepetember 2004. Nowadays 40,000 downloads and over 40 developers and ccompanies.

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