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What is jQuery ?

August 20, 2011 Leave a comment

jQuery is great library for developing ajax based application. jQuery is great library for the JavaScript programmers, which simplifies the development of web 2.0 applications. You can use jQuery to develop cool web 2.0 applications. jQuery helps the programmers to keep code simple and concise. The jQuery library is designed to keep the things very simple and reusable.

jQuery library simplifies the process of traversal of HTML DOM tree. You can use jQuery to handle events, perform animation, and add the ajax support into your web applications with ease.

Why jQuery?

You can use simple JavaScript to perform all the functions that jQuery provides. Then why jQuery? The jQuery library is providing many easy to use functions and methods to make rich applications. These functions are very easy to learn and even a designer can learn it fast. Due to these features jQuery is very popular and in high demand among the developers. You can use jQuery in all the web based applications irrespective of the technology.

jQuery is java script and can be used with JSP, Servlets, ASP, PHP, CGI and almost all the web programming languages.

The jQuery code is very simple and easy to learn.

Here are the features of jQuery

  • DOM element selections functions
  • DOM traversal and modification
  • Events
  • CSS manipulation
  • Effects and animations
  • Ajax
  • Extensibility
  • Utilities – such as browser version and the each function.
  • JavaScript Plugins

How much time is required to learn jQuery?

You can learn jQuery in a day and master it within 2-3 days. There are so many features available with jQuery and you may spend months to explore these features.

We have spent huge time in exploring the jQuery and developing almost all the examples that can be developed with jQuery. So, explore our huge collection of jQuery tutorials and examples. Please continue reading the tutorials.

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