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F.A.Q. about Struts2

Why is the project called “Struts”?

It’s a reference to “struts” in the architectural sense, a reminder of the nearly invisible pieces that hold up buildings, houses, and bridges.

Can Apache Struts be used in a commercial product?

Yes. The only requirements you must meet are those listed in the Apache License.

Is Struts 2 stable?

Struts 2 is stable, featureful, and ready for primetime. It’s the direct descendant of WebWork 2, and we have dubbed the 2.0.x series the “compatiblity release”. The bits themselves are ready-to-go. We’re just finishing-up on peripheral concerns that don’t affect the code itself, and new, optional features that don’t affect the existing feature set.

In Struts 2.0.x, we won’t be straying far from the path WebWork 2 has already blazed. WW2 powers some of the greatest web applications on the planet, including Confluence and Jive Forums. There’s no arguing with success!

Is Struts 1 obsolete?


There is a robust and vibrant community of developers using Struts 1 in production, and we expect that thousands of teams will continue to base new projects on Struts 1, and continue to support existing projects, for many, many years to come.

Since the merger, Struts 1 has gone on to release a new minor version, Struts 1.3, and new 1.x releases are being planned. Struts 1 continues to be the most popular and best supported web application framework for Java.

Of course, if you are starting a new project, and have your choice of frameworks, this might be a good time to consider whether you would like to continue to use Struts 1 or whether it’s time to try Struts 2.

Where can I get help with Apache Struts?

Each release of Struts comes with a User Guide or set of Tutorials to introduce people to the framework and its underlying technologies. Various components also have their own in-depth Developers Guide, to cover more advanced topics. Comprehensive Javadocs are provided for each release, along with the full source code.

Is there a particularly good IDE to use?

The frameworks should work well with any development environment that you would like to use, as well as with any programmers editor. The members of the Apache Struts development group each use their own tools such as Emacs, IDEA, Eclipse, and NetBeans.

Is commercial support available?

The Apache Software Foundation does not provide commercial support for any of our software products, including Apache Struts. However, third parties may offer different degrees of support.

How is Apache Struts licensed?

All Apache Struts products are copyrighted software available under the Apache License, a “free-to-use, business-friendly license”.

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