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Slackware minimum hardware requirements

Although some older versions of Slackware will run on a 386, the Slackware site recommends 486 as a minimum processor. However, Slackware uses i686 optimization to get the maximum performance on Pentium III, Pentium 4, Duron/Athlon, and other i686-class PCs.

Without a graphical interface (X Window System), the minimum amount of RAM required is 16MB. With the GUI, at least 128MB of RAM is recommended. If you intend to use the KDE desktop environments, you can’t have too much RAM (KDE in Slackware runs effectively with 256MB RAM or more, depending on your applications).

The ZipSlack distribution is a small Slackware distribution that you can install from a Zip drive or floppy disks. ZipSlack can install on a hard disk with as little as 100MB space. You can find ZipSlack on any Slackware mirror site.

If you are installing Slackware 13, 500MB is the minimum amount of disk space you should have available on your Linux partition. The recommended amount of hard disk space is at least 3.5GB for a full desktop install. Slackware supports all IDE and SCSI controllers supported by the Linux kernel itself.

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