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What is WordPress ?

WordPress is an open source CMS, or Content Management System. It is based on PHP, and runs with MySQL, which is a relational database management system. Many sites use WordPress, because it is free and offers template possibilities, and numerous plug-ins.

The first version of it was called b2, and it was released in 2003. Since than a long time has passed and many versions were released (the last one just a month ago, WordPress 3.0). WordPress is mostly used by blogs, and bloggers, because it’s easy to set up a simple account. It offers templates, and it is dynamic, so posting, and commenting is quite easy.

But this isn’t everything. Using templates is not professional. So many sites have very similar layouts, and there’s only a few options to extend or customize your site, if you’re not a professional. Our blog, which you’re reading right now was customized and designed by our team, in WordPress. And also, our main site is a unique project, which can’t be done with templates.

So a custom website requires professionals, but the great thing about WordPress it that after the design and development is done, than anybody can update a page. Let’s say you have small business, and ordered a site. After it’s done, probably you’ll have a page about your news, which you need to update regularly. Then all you have to do is log in the WordPress admin site and click on adding a new post! And type in what you want, add pictures, preview it, or if you’re a little bit more into web programming, you can add HTML tags. It’s really intuitive and easy to use if you move around in blogs and forums on the internet.

But if you’re not into these things, WordPress can offer some help. For example if you order a site from us, you get free tutorial videos about how to upload new content and pictures to your site. So it’s guaranteed, that you can use WordPress.

read more : http://wordpress.org/

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    This article is excellent, it was all I needed. Thank you!

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    Very Good. Thank you!

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