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Organizations Using Python

Polular Organizations Using Python 

Yahoo Maps

Yahoo acquired Four11, whose address and mapping lookup services were implemented in Python. Yahoo Maps still usesPython today, as can be seen by examining its URLs.

Yahoo Groups

A comprehensive public archive of Internet mailing lists that was originally implemented in pure Python. At one point Scott Hassan, one of the founders of Findmail/eGroups (the company that was later acquired by Yahoo), reported that they had 180,000 lines of Python underlying everything from their 100% dynamic website to all email delivery, pumping out 200 messages/second on a single 400 MHz Pentium.


Many components of the Google spider and search engine are written in Python (mentioned on Slashdot).

Linux Weekly News

Linux Weekly News is published using a Web application written in Python using the Quixote framework.

Walt Disney Feature Animation

Walt Disney Feature Animation is also using Python to add scriptability to their animation production system.

Blender 3D

The 3D modeling program Blender 3D makes use of Python as an extension language. Blender 3D is a free program with a large community of users.

Jasc Software, Paint Shop Pro

Starting with Version 8, Paint Shop Pro uses Python as its scripting language.

ABN AMRO Bank, Treasury Systems

The trade to risk management interfaces translate new and updated trade information from our trading system to the,internally written, bank-wide risk information system. SWIG was used to wrap the required parts of the 3rd party C++ trading system class library; we also wrapped the CORBA interface to the risk system using SWIG. Python was used to describe the structural and field value mapping. There are 3052 lines of Python code in the system.

National Weather Service

Mike Callahan wrote: “The National Weather Service […] has included Python with Tkinter on the latest build of our main computer system. This system is installed at 120 offices across the country. This is the system where we make maps, write forecasts, issue warnings, and basically do most of our work.”

The Radar Remote Sensing Group at the University of Cape Town.

RRSG uses Python as the glue language for their G2 airborne synthetic aperture radar processor as well as in general software prototyping.

The National Research Council of Canada

The High Performance Computing Group at the National Research Council of Canada uses Python as an essential tool in itsactivities related to building computational grids – binding together a variety of applications running on a variety of platforms.


Johnson Space Center uses Python in its Integrated Planning System as the standard scripting language. Efforts are underway to develop a modular collection of tools for assisting shuttle pre-mission planning and to replace older tools written in Perl and shell dialects. Python will also be installed in the new Mission Control Center to perform auxiliary processing integrated with a user interface shell. Ongoing developments include an automated grammar based system whereby C++ libraries may be interfaced directly to Python via compiler techniques. This technology can be extended to other languages in the future.


The Pardus Linux distribution uses Python for its installer (YALI) and most of applications (MUDUR, PISI, all managers etc.) which developed within project. And also, Pardus websites are powered by Python/Django.

Red Hat

The Red Hat Linux distribution uses Python for its installer (anaconda) and configuration utilities.


Nokia is using Python to provide high level programming environment for their S60 (Symbian) and Maemo (Linux)platforms


IBM East Fishkill is using Python to create the business practice logic for factory tool control applications. These are used to control material entry, exit and data collection at the Micrus semiconductor plant in East Fishkill. Code that had beenpreviously written in an internal, proprietary scripting language has been ported to Python.


RealNetworks has developed a Python binding for their RealMedia client. They use this extensively in load testing and feature testing of both their server and client on all of their supported platforms. Additionally, their build system and bug tracking system have significant Python components.

The Tiny Company

Tiny has developed an Open Source full-featured ERP and CRM in Python; accounting, stock management, sales, purchases, logistics, human ressources, … See: http://tinyerp.com


Nexedi has developed an Open Source ERP called ERP5 in Python/Zope. See: http://erp5.org


The site of the USA Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is powered by Python/Zope/Plone.


Ref : http://wiki.python.org/moin/OrganizationsUsingPython


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