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The New and Improved Way to Create Forms with HTML5

After 12 long years, the core language of the world wide web (HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language) is finally undergoing a major revision with the release of HTML5. Although the much anticipated version is still in beta, with no official launch date having been announced; HTML5 has web designers and programmers buzzing about its latest features.

According to the W3C, new HTML5 features are aimed at improving support for multimedia like video embedding, providing for a better user experience and an easier time for programmers. Although HTML4 has been a huge success, (some even argue the most successful markup format to ever have been released) everyone in the Internet world has been patiently waiting while browsers update with the latest major revision to the core language. As time wanes on, people are wondering, why the wait? The thing is, HTML5 is already well-supported in browsers like Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and mobile browsers. Even Internet Explorer 9 is set to support the new HTML5. The benefit of HTML5 is that it is backwards compatible – so, if your interested in updating your sites right now, you can. There are just a few browsers that are not fully compatible with HTML5 yet.

Ref : http://webdesignledger.com/tips/the-new-and-improved-way-to-create-forms-with-html5

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